Walking Tours

Our regular season starts in July, but if you'd like a special tour before the season begins, please let us know. We we can accommodate you at no extra cost! Email us or phone Ron Romano at 207-761-0187.

July 6 to September 28
Thursday Evening

July 5 to October 15, 2017
Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

Tickets will be available through Eventbrite, and also available at the gate on the day and time of the tour.

These 1-hour tours are led by trained volunteers, who cover the cemetery's history, prominent historical figures, and early gravestone art. Off-schedule private tours are also always available, at no extra charge. Proceeds are used to conserve Eastern Cemetery's gravestones.

Special Tours

We also offer specially-arranged tours at a specific date and time for you or your group at no extra charge.

Email us to inquire about special tours and rates for your group, or phone Ron Romano at 207-761-0187. We can tailor the tour to fit the interests of those who wish to attend.

We also conduct evening tours around Halloween called Walk Among the Shadows.