Spirits Alive is an all-volunteer organization. If you would like to help, please email us or drop us a line. Matthew Mueller is our volunteer coordinator, and he welcomes your inquiries.

Volunteers include Master Gardeners, neighbors, history buffs, cemetery supporters, and green space enthusiasts. For 10 years, Spirits Alive volunteers have:


Walking Tours: Spirits Alive offers historic cemetery walking tours from July through October. We most often welcome guides who have graduated from the Portland History Docent program, but that is not a requirement. If you decide you would like to become a tour guide for the season, you should know that you may be called upon to give tours only about once a month.

Cemetery Conservation and Restoration: workers aid in the visual improvement of the cemetery by cleaning and doing simple marker repairs. Learn the proper skills for working with old stone grave markers.

Gardening Workdays: anyone willing to pick up trash, wield a wheelbarrow, mulch around trees and bushes, lug heavy water buckets or simply hand-trim around stones is welcome!

Stone Survey Photography Phase: Those who enjoy being among the stones and recording their digital images in a very structured manner are needed. An interest of history, archaeology, culture, geology, dirt, and Portland people required.